Welcome to Nasha Mukti Kendra in Zirakpur

With Nasha Mukti Kendra at Zirakpur , we care for an addictive individual by giving him a family away from home where he or she can feel free to leave substance abuse problems behind. Not only we reach the basic objectives of recovery, but we also perfect the process by dealing with both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction till the client has achieved integrity and serenity.

Our treatment of dependency is based on the fundamental research work that are combined with the personalized treatment. From the initial detoxification to the post-treatment planning, we provide a range of services customized to help every client recover from their substance abuse. Our team of seasoned professionals that comprise of physicians, therapists, and support staff have not been brought together without a reason. This is to assure our clients that they will be receiving only the highest quality of care.


We provide medical supervision during detox periods to secure the safety systems and to prepare clients for coming into the next step of treatment.

Therapeutic Interventions:

By examining clients’ addictions individually in counseling sessions, within groups in therapy, and with families, we assist clients in seeing the root of their addictions and learning  how to face life challenges and stay sober long-term.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

We focus on the integrated therapy of mental health diseases at the same time as the addiction treatment, enabling the clients to recover their well-being both in body and mind.

Holistic Therapies:

We use not only our medications but we are also usig the holyistic approach such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and nutritonal counseling to resuscitate and enhance the emotional, psychological and physical wellness of an individual.

Aftercare Planning:

We travel further than that. The time will keep running after the training is finished. We help clients with developing their own individual relapse prevention strategies which are designed to continue sobriety and face various life situations which are encountered after rehabilitation.


From our professional team of well-trained experts that have years of experience in addiction treatment and recovery, we have all the knowledge and skills to help you get through.

Individualized Care:

We understand that each individual belongs to the recovery’s unique path. Our treatment plans, for each and every one of our clients, are tailored to meet the individual, unique needs and circumstances.

Supportive Environment:

Our facility creates an enabling environment, where our clients are exempt from any judgement or humiliation and they can just concentrate on their recovery process and that’s the only thing that matters.


Here, we create community bond and friendship among our clients. Our clients help each other develop into addiction-free individuals, who show accountability.

Continued Support:

The most pleasing about treatment period is our dedication to our clients does not end when they are treated. This is where we comes in–ongoing support and resources that aids the client to keep sober and shine in their lives.

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Use our AI to write for you about future generation. It is an exciting time for technology as it continues to evolve and shape the world around us. Visit the Nasha Mukti Kendra of Zirakpur today itself to know more about our programs and be on the trackback to find your way back to recovery. Please look at our website or call 9034522528 for a private consultation. Being in the past, you don’t have to fight against the addiction without help; our services are ready to support you on your resistance.

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